Corona Virus/ COVID-19

Information to our customers about COVID-19

Registration/ Account

How can I find out who my contact person is in case of any problems
How can I sign in?
I am existing customer of Kloeckner - how can I get my user datas for the Online Shop?
How to login to the onlineshop?
I forgot my password. What do I have to do?
I can't login to the Online Shop. What shall I do?

My Order

Where can I find an overview of my orders?
How can I request an update on the status of my order?
Can I modify or add items to an existing order if I have forgotten something?
Can I change my delivery address for a new order?
What should I do, if I have problems with my order?
I would like to make a complaint about the product I've receieved?

Payment/ Invoice

Which kind of payment options can I use?
How can I pay with a credit card?
What is the due date for payment for onlineshop orders?
I have questions about my invoice. What should I do?
How can I change my billing address?
How can I download an invoice?


Do you deliver to other countries?
When can I expect my delivery?
When is the cut off time for next day delivery?
Where can I save my delivery address?
How will the delivery be unloaded?


How can I use the favorites list?
How can I display the available products with different delivery addresses?
Why are my products not available online
How can I request products
Why can't I see any prices?
I am unable to find the product I am looking for - what can I do?


What is the marketplace?
How to get in touch with a merchant?

Marketplace (for merchants)

How can I offer my products as a merchant?